Summer ECON/ENVIR/ESRM 235 class project

The class project should take 3-4 hours. Any questions, just let me know!

Your job is to pick a state and update the carbon tax profile for that state so that it looks like the one for Washington State. To get started, choose a state from the list below. Then (on the page you're reading right now) click "Edit" in the upper-right-hand corner of the page, then enter "Your name (2010)" next to your state.This marks the state as being "yours" and allows other students to see which states are available. (More instructions below...)
Alabama: 2007
Alaska: 2007
Arizona: 2007
Arkansas: 2005
California: 2007
Colorado: 2007
Connecticut: 2005
Delaware: 2005
Florida: 2007
Georgia: 2007
Hawaii: 2007
Idaho: 2007
Illinois: 2007
Indiana: 2005
Iowa: 2007
Kansas: 2005
Kentucky: 2005
Louisiana: 2007
Maine: 2007
Maryland: 2005
Massachusetts: 2007
Michigan: 2007
Minnesota: 2007
Mississippi: 2007
Missouri: 2007
Montana: 2007
Nebraska: None
Nevada: 2007
New Hampshire: None
New Jersey: 2007
New Mexico: 2005
New York: 2007
North Carolina: 2005
North Dakota: 2005/2007
Ohio: 2007
Oklahoma: 2005
Oregon: 2007
Pennsylvania: 2005/2007
Rhode Island: 2007
South Carolina: 2005/2007
South Dakota: 2005
Tennessee: 2005
Texas: 2007
Utah: 2005/2007
Vermont: 2007
Virginia: 2005
Washington: 2007
West Virginia: 2005
Wisconsin: 2007
Wyoming: 2007

Then click on the page of your state to go to that page. Then:
  • Click on "Edit".
  • At the top of the page it either has somebody else's name or it says "YOUR NAME HERE; previous version by XYZ." If it has somebody else's name, you need to pick a different state. Otherwise replace the text that says "YOUR NAME HERE" with your name.
  • At the top of the page you'll find a table and a couple of paragraphs; these paragraphs are copied from Washington State. Below that is a heading that says "PREVIOUS VERSION BELOW HERE" (this is the work already done for this state based on 2005 data). Do not delete or change any information in this PREVIOUS VERSION section; make all your changes in the section above that marker. You are welcome to use the sources and information in the PREVIOUS VERSION section, but do not blindly rely on this information. Double-check it!
  • In the table at the top of the page, change the name of the table (in first row, first column) to the correct state name, and then update the information in the table. To do this you should use the references cited in the table. You can double-check your work by using any information you can find under the PREVIOUS VERSION section. (Note that that information will probably be for 2005.)
  • In the first paragraph below the table, change the Washington-specific information to information about your state. You can copy any information you can find under the PREVIOUS VERSION section, but make sure to double-check it. (FYI, copying is not plagiarism in this case because this is a wiki page, and the previous contributor's name is up at the top of the page.)
  • Do the same for the second paragraph below the table. Note that the previous versions used an estimated reduction of 20%, and I am asking you to use an estimated reduction of only 10%. As an optional add-on, you can replicate the nifty graph on the Rhode Island page. (This is optional; if you want to do it, it looks like you should create the graph in Excel, then save as a photo and import it here; make sure to spell "pollution" with two Ls :)
  • In the third paragraph below the table, provide information about tax revenue and tax-shift options in your state. As above, you can copy any information you can find under the PREVIOUS VERSION section, but make sure to double-check it. And you'll probably need to look for updated 2007 information because the previous version is 2005 information. (Note that 2005 website references can often be easily changed to yield 2007 information, e.g., if the previous version references "revenue05.pdf" then try "revenue07.pdf"; there's no guarantee this will work, but it's worth a try!)

The idea is to get a series of pages that have the same structure as the existing page for Washington State.

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Thanks to the fall quarter 2009 PFAB 516 / CEE 599 class at the University of Washington for starting this project!